Kool FM

We have to show respect towards something that has been a massive part of many lives since the early 90’s. In early 2023 after 31 years of dedicated service, Eastman & Suzy G stepped down from management and passed on the reigns.. They took a break for a couple of months.. Then..

The legend was reborn!

The 23rd April 2023 saw the relaunch of Kool FM. As a radio station, there isn’t many in the history of a certain genre that can say it is the focal point. But Kool FM has since the end of 1991 been just that.

As a pirate radio station they created legends of our scene and brought others to the airwaves accross London on the frequency of 94.5 and later 94.6fm and with the likes of Brockie & Det, Ron & SL, Bryan Gee, Navigator, Moose Ragga Twins, Skibadee & Stevie Hyper D, plus many guests, the highly sought after tape recordings were legendary and heard around the world, even in the 90’s prior to the internet and the Kool London era.

But now they are back and under the management of Rinse.fm, they are in great hands.
To tune in to the new Kool FM and stay up to date as they grow, visit – https://rinse.fm/channels/kool